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The materials for the console classes can be found on the ETC website:
From this link, you can do Levels 1 – 4 as well as some expert topics and some fun projects: Listen to Ken Billington on Headset and try to do the programming - or program along with the Hamilton design crew.
ETC also has a full library of videos on our YouTube site: ETCVideoLibrary as well as the ETC Study Hall channel. ETC Study Hall was created during the pandemic and contains the recordings of many webinars we have done over the past year.
Keep in mind that there is also a Highend Systems video channel for those that might be interested in Hog Training.

January 25th begins a new opportunity to learn and earn as ESTA presenters offer entertaining and enlightening videos on Believe in Music TV . Most sessions qualify for ETCP renewal credits and all you have to do is register and join in. Registration is free and quick.

Some highlights from the tracks to be explored are:

Lighting & Electrical – Richard Cadena, in conjunction with LSA and PLASA, is presenting a series of videos on stage electrics. How Does Voltage Drop Work?, Can I Use GFCIs with Dimmers?, and How to Protect Yourself Against Deadly Shocks to name a few.

Lighting Networking – Robert Bell will explain Entertainment Networking's Four-Letter Words and what they can do for you . John Huntington presents Introduction to Show Network System Design .

Rigging – Elmer Veith interviews Dana Bartholomew and Scott Fisher about the challenges of Rigging in Unusual Places. Eric Rouse will teach Rigging Math. Learn How to Make a Bridle with the always entertaining Bill Sapsis

Safety – Kent Jorgensen and Eddie Raymond talk about Safety in Entertainment Event Planning. Behind the Scenes’ Lori Rubinstein is presenting Mental Health Resources for the Entertainment Industry

This is only a sample of the 7 hours of presentations curated by ESTA. A full schedule of sessions is available (hours posted are PST). You may also see what’s up next at our NAMM Believe in Music Virtual Booth .

Additional subject matter of interest:

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