Another conservative anti-vaccine radio talk show host succumbs to COVID, third in a month!

A conservative Florida radio host who was dead-set against taking a coronavirus vaccine is now dead. Marc Bernier died Saturday of COVID-19 after a three-week battle, his bereft radio station announced.

Bernier's death was the third this month among conservative talk show hosts outspoken against the coronavirus vaccine. He was preceded eight days earlier by Phil Valentine, a 61-year-old conservative talk radio host in Tennessee who mocked coronavirus vaccines but changed his tone after getting sick. He battled the disease for a month.

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Also having a change of heart, before his stopped, was Dick Farrel, a former Newsmax commentator and all-around coronavirus-denying, vaccine-resistant right-wing radio talk show host. The South Florida radio host died of COVID-19 complications on Aug. 6, at age 65, after exhorting fans not to get the vaccine, calling the entire coronavirus crisis a "scam-demic."

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Both Farrel and Valentine urged friends and followers to get the vaccine as the disease closed in on them and said they regretted not doing it themselves.

Bernier, speaking to a guest about a week after the Pfizer jab was made available, was adamantly against it, "Are you kidding me? Mr. Anti-Vax? Jeepers," Bernier said in answer to the question of whether he would take the shot. "I'm not taking it", though he wasn't clear how he felt at the end as he died of COVID-19.

It appears we're still several months away from certain talk show radio evolving into an acknowledgment of good scienceā€¦

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