United Center Payroll Department is going paperless!

Effective September 28, 2015 live paychecks will no longer be printed for United Center

All employees will have the choice of receiving funds via direct deposit or on a paycard (payroll debit card).

Please fill out either the direct deposit or paycard enrollment forms. Employees MUST select one option. You can return enrollment forms to United by mail or email or send them to the Union Hall.

United Center
ATTN: Accounting
1901 W. Madison Street.
Chicago, IL 60612

  • The payroll debit card, or “paycard,” works just like a bank debit card
  • No more waiting in line at the bank to deposit their paycheck
  • Funds are immediately available on the pay date
  • No more worries about lost or stolen paychecks
  • No more having to come in to work on a day off to pick up a check
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