Does my workplace need a union?
  • Does your employer provide affordable, comprehensive health care?
  • Does your employer provide retirement income security?
  • Does your employer reward its executives with lucrative wage and benefit packages while you are left to work part-time hours for near-minimum wage?
Did you know…
  • The median wage of workers who belong to a union is 28% higher than those without a union.
  • Union workers participate in a defined-benefit pension plan at a rate 4.5 times that of non-union workers.
  • Union workers are much more likely to have employment-based health benefits than nonunion workers. In 2009, 80.4 percent of union workers were covered by health benefits through their own job, compared with 52.2 percent of nonunion workers. Overall, 91 percent of union workers had coverage either through their own job or as a dependent, while 70.6 percent of nonunion workers had any employment-based coverage.

If your employer does not provide health care and retirement income security, and then rewards its executives at your expense, then yes, you probably need a union.

How do I organize my workplace?

Contact Local 2 at 312-705-2020, or by e-mail. We will quickly respond. And of course, your call is confidential.

In the meantime you can find detailed information about organizing a union at your workplace on the IATSE International Union’s website here .

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