Dear Stagehand,

I hope this email finds you and yours well. As we take on more work than ever before we need your help to make us more efficient.

Stewards, please make certain to provide every stagehand on every one of your calls with current employee tax paperwork, make sure they fill it out in its entirety, and turn it in to the employer on the same day as the call.

Stagehands, please make sure you fill out all employee tax paperwork and provide it to the steward. While Local 2 office clerical staff assists with employee tax paperwork, this obligation belongs with stewards and stagehands on jobsites, and too often this paperwork is not completed. Tax paperwork must be completed onsite and given to the employer, so stagehands are paid in a timely manner.

All stagehands should maintain a job log with the employer, date worked, exact hours worked, job location, approximate earnings, and date paid. Too often, our clerical office staff spends hours researching “missing” or “late” paychecks, only to discover the check in question was cashed weeks before by the inquiring stagehand.

Our clerical office staff makes every effort to provide stagehand support in a courteous, professional, and timely fashion. Although our clerical office staff sometimes responds using their personal cell phones, please only call for our clerical office staff at (312) 705-2020, do not call their cell phone. Please be mindful that all phone calls after normal business hours should be for emergencies only, such as safety, crew replacement, or an ongoing job issue that demands immediate attention.

We realize our industry demands long hours and, regardless of the hour or day, we continue to fill and adjust calls, handle emergencies, and provide support to issues on the job that demand such action. Thank you.

In Unity,


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